Why We’re The Right Partner To Help Grow Your Business

 As you will have already gathered, Chrysalis Partners Consulting is not like other Business Coaches & Consultants. We’re dedicated to developing your business and passionate about building long term, trusted relationships based on results

Through many years of experience we’ve developed proven methods to develop your business. These fully-defined methods are written in a step-by-step, practical playbook format that are simple to use and highly effective

When working with us you benefit from a dedicated senior Business Coach that’s supported by a wider network of coaches, where industry specific knowledge is shared to tailor our methods to your business. The background of the partners at Chrysalis include ex-CEOs, chairmen and board members, strategy experts for blue-chip companies, design execs, managing directors of franchise operations, senior business partners, finance specialists and many more

What’s more, you also gain access to our wider network of skilled professionals, including HR experts, accountants, cost-reduction specialists, solicitors, web developers and wealth managers. Whatever your need, we can meet it

We want the relationship to be right for you – that’s why we offer either advisory to more hands-on development of marketing and sales materials. The proven methods are the same, but these options ensure we suit your budget and needs. You’re in complete control so you get support for as long as you want

So, whether you’re a long established business or in the early growth phases, we urge you to contact us now for a free, no obligation discussion so you see out how our methods can deliver rapid growth for your business. Simply call us on 01483 904261 or fill in the contact form on the right of the page…

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Our Methods Are Proven To Work Across A Wide Range Of Industries

Chrysalis Partners has over 50 tried and tested methods that are proven to be effective across many industries, including: hardware, distribution, video hosting, software, engineering, bid writing, electric vehicle charging, printing, accountancy, retail, and many more…

Here is just a small selection of the great feedback we’ve received from our customers:


“Colin of Chrysalis Partners produced a Marketing Metamorphosis report on our AKP Web Services website. This was excellent timing as our website is under review and being rebuilt.

The report was very interesting, but what was really good value, was the time that Colin took to go through the report and make practical observations and suggestions for improvement.

A lot of the advice is complementary to what we tell our clients but trying to do that sort of analysis on your own business yourself is not so easy. Therefore, a view from an ‘expert outsider’ is invaluable.

I would thoroughly recommend Colin and plan to promote this service to my website customers.”

Kathy Parker
Director – AKP Web Services


“It’s rare that you come across standout professionals like Colin. He was our finance business partner for the Global Marketing & Sales organisation, and I worked very closely with him for all financial & business aspects. I’ve always been impressed by Colin’s ability to effortlessly take a 360-degree view on the business, striving to understand root causes to potential roadblocks and bottlenecks in our operations. That skill takes years to develop, but it seemed perfectly naturally to him.

Colin is a true asset for any business owner or company requiring operational processes improvement and looking at driving business growth. He comes with my heartfelt recommendation.”

Gregory Trausch
VP of Global Marketing Strategy & Operations, Elekta


“Having recently met Colin at a local online network meeting, I was impressed with the support he was prepared to provide to businesses in these unprecedented times. The COVID-19 situation proved challenging for my business and many other businesses. Colin provided me with a copy of Chrysalis Partners’ guide, entitled ‘Chrysalis’ Response to COVID-19’, which provided some very useful, practical business advice during this challenging time.

Thank you, Colin for the positive support and valuable advice.”

Anne Woodward, Owner, Clarity Home Solutions Ltd