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  • Identifying a vision and goals for your business
  • Delivering substantial improvements to sales and profits
  • Strengthening your existing marketing and sales and adding new strategies
  • Overcoming the frustration that your business hasn’t delivered what it should
  • Creating and implementing an achievable plan
  • Differentiating you from competitors so you sell on value rather than price
  • Developing an outstanding customer experience
  • Increasing customer loyalty and long term sales
  • Expanding into new markets to grow your business
  • Establishing effective and efficient processes, giving you more free time
  • Building a business that attracts and retains staff
  • Making swift and confident decisions, avoiding procrastination
  • Re-energising your passion for the business
  • Spending time on the aspects that give you most enjoyment
  • Getting back on track if you’re feeling overwhelmed
  • Formulating an exit plan at the best price in the shortest time

If you need help or guidance with ANY of the above we can help you

Simply call us now on 01483 904261 to arrange an informal, confidential, and COMPLIMENTARY discussion on how we could work together to grow your business

What Does This Mean To You, The Business Owner…

We want to ensure that the fit is right for both parties. We take seriously our promise to work as a trusted partner and only work with a small number of businesses at a time that are committed to growth.

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You get a highly experienced advisor with a proven business background, who has a shared interest in ensuring your business is successful, without the added costs and responsibilities of an employee

You will have access to step-by-step guides for every strategy we work on together, which coupled with our expertise and support, empowers you to develop your skills and implement these yourselves over time

We immediately identify areas we can prioritise to deliver rapid results

We help you to keep on track ensuring the strategies get implemented, which means you’re constantly working towards your goals

We will help you to document processes and systemise your business to make it operate more efficiently and increase its market value when you decide to exit

As the business expands with additional sales and profits, it offers you more choices and flexibility to spend time doing the things you enjoy

You’ll have access to our network of trusted professionals, including HR experts, accountants, cost-reduction specialists, web designers, videographers and solicitors

With more businesses failing than ever it’s critical to receive some help from time to time.  We know from experience that the organisations who achieve great results are the ones who recognised that they needed help and advice.  We are here to augment your efforts and achieve more together…..

Why Clients Choose To Work With Us…

We have a hybrid model of coaching and consulting which means we have programs to suit every budget and every type of small to medium sized business. This type of business support has never been more affordable

It doesn’t matter if you sell a product or service, own a restaurant, a shop, an online business or resale and distribution, we can tailor the plan to suit the needs of your business

These strategies have been proven over many years of successful implementation both in the UK and internationally


Having recently met Colin at a local online network meeting, I was impressed with the support he was prepared to provide to businesses in these unprecedented times. The COVID-19 situation is proving challenging for my business and many other businesses. Colin provided me with a copy of Chrysalis Partners’ guide, entitled ‘Chrysalis’ Response to COVID-19’, which has provided some very useful, practical business advice during this challenging time.

Thank you Colin for the positive support and valuable advice.

Anne Woodward
Owner – Clarity Home Solutions Ltd


“Working with Chrysalis Partners helped to give me a new perspective on my business. The business had been running for 18 years and sales had declined and we needed outside help.

I was happy to use Chrysalis because their approach covered working across my whole business and brought new ideas to my attention. Within just 2-3 months we saw monthly sales increases of 20%! I would have no hesitation in recommending Chrysalis to other businesses.”

Mark Perry
Owner, Ultimate Hair & Beauty Supplies

CLICK HERE to download our complimentary report on the 26 Most Common Marketing Mistakes That Most Companies Make;

“This is a comprehensive 55-page report that contains valuable insights into building a winning marketing and sales strategy for all types of businesses”

We are here to help guide you and take your business where you want it to be. We use objectivity and integrity to ensure that we assist you in achieving the goals YOU have for YOUR business. Our approach is very results driven and affordable for all businesses – why not call us and have an informal chat about how we might be able to help?

Chrysalis Partners are the leading growth specialists for small and medium-sized businesses, providing business coaching and business consulting services to drive increased sales and profitability. Based in Surrey, we help companies transform and achieve rapid growth.


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